Wednesday, December 29, 2021, Prof. Chung- Siung Kao

Time: 16:10-17:00

Venue: Mathematics Building Room 527


Prof. Chung- Siung Kao

Department of Mathematics, National Chung Cheng University


Kao’s Euclidean Fusion Versus Mathematical Fission


On practical evaluation of length of curves and size of area and volume in Euclidean space, there are situations that the problems are unsolvable mathematically due to the fact that the related curves, areas or volumes are only physically visible but cannot be properly and precisely defined by mathematical forms and equations.

In this talk the speaker shall formulate such problems mathematically in unsolvable fission forms first, but then show the way to transform them into fusion forms which may be treated statistically. The procedure of transformation from mathematical fission to statistical fusion can be done either with coordinate system or with polar system. Practical problems shall be illustrated to bring light onto how this new method can be properly applied.

  Some remarks of philosophical and/ or religious thoughts that relate fission, fusion and randomness as existing in the natural world shall be given.

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